The Miracle For Knees: Stem Cell Treatment


What is stem cell treatment?

The human body is continuously manufacturing stem cells in the bone marrow. Based on specific conditions and signals in the body, stem cells directly to where they are needed.

A stem cell is an immature, primary cell that has not yet developed to become a skin cell or a muscle cell, or a nerve cell. There are different types of stem cells that the body can use for various purposes.

There is evidence that stem cell treatment for knees work by triggering damaged tissues in the body to repair themselves. This process is known as “regenerative” therapy.

However, research into stem cell treatment for OA of the knee is somewhat limited, and the results of studies are mixed.

The American College of Rheumatology and the Arthritis Foundation (ACR/AF) do notcurrently recommend stem cell treatment for OA of the knee for the following reasons:

  • There is not yet a standard procedure for preparing the injection.
  • There is not enough evidence to prove that it works or is safe.

Currently, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers stem cell treatment “investigational.” Until additional studies can demonstrate a clear benefit from stem cell injections, people who opt for this treatment must pay for them on their own and must understand that the medicine may not work.

That said, as researchers learn more about this type of treatment, it could one day become a viable option for the treatment of OA.

Stem cell injections for knees

The cartilage covering the ends of the bones enables the bones to glide smoothly against one another with only slight friction. OA causes damage to the cartilage and leads to increased friction — resulting in pain, inflammation, and ultimately, a loss of mobility and function.

In theory, stem cell therapy uses the body’s healing mechanisms to help repair and slow the deterioration of body tissues, such as cartilage.


cell therapy for knees aims to:

  • slow and repair damaged cartilage
  • decrease inflammation and reduce pain
  • possibly delay or prevent the need for knee replacement surgery

In simple terms, treatment involves:

  • taking a small amount of blood, usually from the arm
  • concentrating the stem cells together
  • injecting the stem cells back into the knee

Stem Cell Treatment has proved a miracle for many. It has treated many damaged knees and promises to do so in the future. However, look up before blindly going for it.