The Four Most Popular Forms of Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery has become very popular in recent years. Thanks in part to show like Korea’s ‘Let Me In’, and to the incredible advancements in technique. More and more people are making the decision to change things about themselves that they don’t like. It is possible these days to make many different alterations, some of them considered exotic and even dangerous. But most people choose procedures that are tried and true, to create a more idealized look. The reasons can be numerous for wanting a change, sometimes for love, sometimes for advancement in business, but mainly people just want to have more confidence in how they look. Here are the four most popular procedures.

  1. Rhinoplasty: More commonly called a nose job. Nose surgery (known as เสริมจมูกสวย in Thai) has been around a very long time. People’s idea of a beautiful nose is quite subjective, but most people choose a nose of medium length with straight lines and not much flare. The nose is the most central item on our face and has a big effect on appearance.
  1. Breast augmentation: Human develop in a variety of ways and continue to change as people age. Many women, and some men are unhappy with what they have received naturally, and are making the choice for something more in line with their concept of beauty. The preferred size and features are as varied as people’s tastes. But there are answers for almost anyone who wishes to make a change.
  1. Liposuction: Liposuction is the removal of fat that is not easily reduced through exercise. The procedure can be used wherever a person has an abundance of extra fat, typically belly, thighs, Buttocks arms and chin. But it can also be used in conjunction with other surgeries, such as a breast reduction. Not everyone is a candidate for liposuction, an examination by a doctor will make that determination.
  1. Tummy Tuck: The tummy tuck goes hand and hand with liposuction. Also, if someone has undergone weight loss or pregnancy, they might need some help firming up that loose skin. The procedure is one of removing excess skin from the abdominal area. This will help show off the abdominal muscles and give a flatter, more toned look for swimsuit season.

There are many other very popular plastic surgeries these days. If you have a feature that you would like to improve, you might be surprised at how affordable and simple it can be to get a procedure done. You should of course, consult your physician first before making commitments.