Is laser hair removal permanent?


It is no longer news that laser hair removal is one of the procedures that people go for to improve their appearances. People resort to laser hair removal to get rid of hair and stop hair growth altogether, and avoid the pains and stress of waxing, shaving and tweezing. Meanwhile, one of the questions on people’s lips is if the procedure has a permanent impact on hair growth.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The simple answer to this question is: “No.” Laser hair removal does not stop hair growth permanently but heats the hair follicles and makes them dormant. Hair follicles in a state of dormancy stop new hairs from growing, usually for a long time. The impact of the procedure is much longer than waxing and shaving which only remove the hair above the skin while laser hair removal removes hairs from their roots below the skin.

It may take a long time for hairs to start growing again but hairs will certainly grow. Meanwhile, when hairs grow back, they will be fewer, finer and lighter. Get it clear that laser hair removal may be tagged as a “permanent” hair removal treatment, it is not permanent. However, it gets rid of and reduces unwanted hairs significantly for a much longer time than waxing and shaving.

Over time, the hair follicles that went to dormancy will be activated later and hair production and growth will resume, only that the number of the hairs will be scanty. The most suitable parts of the body you can treat using laser hair removal include the neck, back, shoulders, chest, face (except for the eye area), and bikini line.

More importantly, your hair colour matters in the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Laser light targets the melanin or pigment in the hair follicles below the skin. As a result, darker hairs will feel the impact of laser hair removal more than hairs that lack pigment or lack it altogether. Because of this, people with dark hair will have better results than people with blonde and grey hair.

To get the best results possible, let a certified dermatologist perform the treatment for you. Besides, it will help if you shave the areas to be treated before going for the procedure, as this will allow more laser light to get to the roots of the hairs. You will get better results and the hairs will not grow anytime soon.


Keep in mind that the laser hair removal procedure is not permanent but will stop the production and growth of hairs for more time than waxing or shaving. Take note of the points raised in this blog, as they will help you when you are going for a laser hair removal procedure.