How to Choose Eyeglass Frames for You


Did you Google for “affordable glasses near me” and seek a prescription from clinics like Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care? Once you have your prescription ready, the next thing to do is to get your eyeglass lenses and frame!

Your eyeglass lenses will be prepared according to your prescription, while the frame is entirely up to you. So, it can be quite a dilemma to figure out which frame you should choose. To help you out, here are some tips to follow.

  1. Face Shape 

Your eye doctor in Bloomington Indiana might suggest you choose eyeglass frames based on your face shape first. There are five major kinds of face shapes:

  • For round faces: We recommend getting square or rectangular eyeglass frames that are wider than round faces. This will have your face look longer and slimmer, adding more balance to the roundness. Don’t go for rimless, round, or small frames, as this would have your face look rounder.
  • Oval faces: We recommend frames with a strong bridge and wider than your face’s broadest part. They should also be geometric in shape. Avoid getting frames that are too large and would cover half of your face, which throws off your face’s natural balance and symmetry.
  • Square faces: Opt for eyeglass frames that would sit high on your nose bridge and soften your face’s angularity. Round or oval eyeglass frames help make your square face thinner. Don’t use boxy or angular frames, which sharpen the angular features and make square faces look bulkier.
  • Diamond faces: Choose eyeglass frames that are wider than your cheekbones or sweep up, like oval frames or cat glasses. These accentuate the cheekbones and other delicate features. Avoid narrow or boxy frames, which have your face look wider.
  • Heart-shaped faces: We suggest getting frames with bottom-heavy frame lines and low-set temples, which add more width to the narrow part of the face. Go for round or squared eyeglasses with curved edges. 
  1. Skin Tone 

If you have a warmer skin tone, opt for these frame colors: Gold, honey, beige, olive green, light tortoise, or other brown shades.

If you have a cooler skin tone, then go these frame colors suit you best: Black, silver, pink, purple, dark tortoise, mauve, gray, or blue. 

  1. Your Lifestyle 

Your eyeglasses will be part of your life almost 24/7! Because of that, you need to think of your daily activities and choose frames that can withstand your lifestyle. For example, if you’re active, then choose strong eyeglass frames that can bend and twist without incurring damage. There are also frames that suit gamers, those with laborious jobs, and the like.

Also, select eyeglass frames that suit your style and personality! Whether you’re a partygoer and love heading out for a weekend or more professional, you can find eyeglass frames that fit those personalities. 

Wrapping It Up

If you’re having a tough time choosing the right type of eyeglass frames for you, then consider the factors above!