Hospice Is A Distinctive Way Of Comforting Patients Whose Life Span Is Less


When our life is about to end, a shadow of depression or sadness covers us, and we want to carry out all the happy moments with our close ones. As we grow old our body weakens but our mind wants to live longer. The person who is suffering from severe ailments and must not have the chance to get cured, then there is care called Hospice care, who is very compassionate with the patient in their last few days.

What Is Hospice?

It is a unique type of care provided to those dealing with severe ailments at the final stage of life. To make their last days memorable and happy, hospice care is necessary.

Some may have a wrong concept about hospice as it treats the disease; no, the idea is wrong; it is mainly related to healing the person suffering from that disease. It is family oriented, as only a few months are left, so family members can arrange all these and provide them with cherishable moments.

Hospice care is mainly for patients who have cancer and is at an advanced stage. A person with a hole in the heart or brain tumor, these types of patients don’t have years to enjoy with their family, so hospice is necessary for them.

It totally depends upon the family members or doctor whether they are willing to proceed with hospice. Few families are not ready to give up on the treatment because they feel this will make everyone distressful.

When Is The Right Time To Start The Care?

The doctor can give a clear idea about how long the patient would survive, so before beginning the care, there must be a discussion with the doctors about whether they will continue with the treatment or go for hospice care. At this stage, patients lose hope of making themselves happy and enjoying each day as their best day. There are several cares like:

  • Spiritual Care
  • In-Home Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Family Visit
  • Observation Care


What Is The Process Of Care?

We mentioned palliative care which seems to be a treatment for cancer patients. Not that sort of hospice team can relieve the pain and stress of that patient who knew the ending and relax them emotionally, mentally, and socially. They arrange meetings with their family members, so they do not feel lonely. The person they are close to tries to organize a video conference if they are living in a foreign.

The team is 24 hours active, as anything can happen in between, they don’t miss any moment to make that person happy. Due to cancer, too much discomfort occurs as the patients feel nauseous and can’t digest appropriately, so a vomiting tendency is there. If it’s related to the lungs, then coughing can cause too much discomfort. As it is the end of their life care, they try to give minimal medication by which they feel loosened up, it is a temporary basis to relax them a bit. If the patient is feeling uneasy or the situation has deteriorated, then the team contacts the family members immediately so that they remain by his side at the last moment. This kind of hospitality can’t be expected in a hospital as you can’t enter the hospital without visiting hours, and doctors can’t allow you randomly into the ICU frequently.

They also provide the best accommodation for the patients, and all the team members are professional.

How Is Their Service?

As it is the end of life care, they are too polite with the patients so that they must not get hurt and always feel joyful while interacting with them and their family members by their side.

Their location gives a soothing effect, as too much noise will create a lot of discomfort for these patients and can worsen their situations.

Inside their room, all the medical facilities are provided for emergency purposes.

Because of impeccable hospitality people mostly go for hospice treatment. It has some costs, but that is bearable than chemotherapy charges when there is no hope.



We must remember that end-of-life care provides support and medical care for older people suffering from chronic disease, and there is no way to get treated. So to make them feel enjoyable, hospice care took immense care so that the patients feel homely and happy. It totally depends upon a person’s need and choices of availing that service. A few people are willing to die at home with their loved ones by their side, others choose the hospital.