Can CBD and Alcohol Work together To Create A Dangerous Addiction?


Can you mix CBD and alcohol? While initially started as just a few natural sugars and yeast, CBD oil eventually acts as an extremely strong depressant. By acting on the central nervous system, it dramatically affects speech, coordination, mood, and balance. And, as many people can attest, if you over ingest, the effects are often quite severe!

In order to experiment with CBD and alcohol, one must be within reach of cannabis. However, since CBD cannot be smoked like cannabis, it is most commonly ingested via ingestion of capsules or liquids. Popular CBD oils include CBD-infused drinks like Happy Cow, Lemon balm, and other organic-based products.

However, because CBD is not yet approved by the FDA, it is important to ensure that whatever product you decide to try has not been regulated by the FDA and contains only non-psychoactive herbs and minerals. In addition, because CBD is still considered to be a Schedule II substance, the sale and distribution of CBD products are controlled at the state level, not federal levels.

In theory, taking CBD and alcohol together could help control the high that comes with intoxication. By reducing the effect of CBD on the nervous system and helping to restore balance, CBD and alcohol make for a good alternative to “getting off the couch”. But, realistically, trying to control the effects of cannabis withdrawal symptoms by combining them with CBD is tricky. Not only would you have to determine which aspects of cannabis you would want to remove, but you would also have to decide when it is not in your best interest to drink. After all, alcohol is a depressant and can wreak havoc on your liver, especially if you take large doses on a regular basis.

So, can take CBD and alcohol interact to create a less harmful form of pleasure? While it is impossible to say whether CBD can have the same effect as alcohol in the way that caffeine can, there is a likelihood of the two chemicals working in conjunction. Many experts are of the opinion that, taken as a dietary supplement, CBD may be helpful in managing some of the chronic conditions that come with AIDS and chemotherapy treatment.

Some researchers believe that CBD can help control and even reverse the negative side effects of chemotherapy and that, therefore, taking CBD and alcohol in combination may help you live a fuller and happier life.

However, experts caution against drawing conclusions about CBD and alcohol abuse in this way. In fact, they warn that such an association may be caused by the use of CBD rather than alcoholism per se. They point out that studies investigating the relationship between CBD and alcoholism have examined subjects who consume both cannabis and alcohol in the same setting and have found that, despite the reduction of intake of alcohol, those subjects report little if any alcohol-induced psychiatric or psychological symptoms.