All You Need To Know About Lip Lifts


As a Toronto plastic surgeon, you might say that I’m a gatekeeper for the newest trends in fashion, as my patient base changes to accept fresh and exciting stuff. For the past 10 to 15 years, the biggest theme for lips has been “bigger, bigger, and bigger.” And occasionally, it’s too big. If a patient needs fuller lips, some prevalent ways are here:

Dermal Filler or Fat Grafting

There is no wonder that we now have high-quality Botox Toronto fillers like Restylane® and the JUVÉDERM® family. We still have the newest and most robust VYCROSS ® JUVÉDERM products, such as VOLIFT ®, VOLBELLA ®, and VOLUMA ®, with results that stay up to 18 months.

Fat grafting popularity is also on the rise, as now we know more about stem cells. Fillers and fat transfer are both excellent for correcting marionettes lines while a patient is looking and feeling rejuvenated without a face-lifting treatment.

BOTOX ® and Dysport ® are often added in a minimal dosage to aid minimize the fine lines and wrinkles across the jaw, to weaken overactive chin muscles (peau d’orange or pitting skin), and rectify lower lip retreat corners.

I hope to produce a natural outcome while injecting lip fillers. The upper lip is generally slightly smaller than the lower lip — except for the cultures of Latin, African and Polynesian, where the upper and lower lip could be equal. No culture has a broader top lip than the bottom. Yes, men also rejuvenate their lips and if the artist and injector respect the masculine features of a man’s lip, they will look attractive, plump, and masculine.

What is Lip Augmentation?

I still speak to my patients about two concepts: one is to fill the missing volume, which is a real rejuvenation technique for aging people. The other definition is the augmentation of the lip, something larger than ever before the patient. A good comparison with my lip theory – rejuvenation vs. augmentation – is what I do with augmentation in the breast: some patients prefer to restore the missing volume just after childbirth, and others prefer to get bigger than ever.

Lip Lift Techniques

  1. The most famous is the bullhorn lip lift. The central 2/3 of the lower lip is raised using a form of “bullhorn” skin excision (where the nose meets the white lip), where the red lip will expose more of the red mucous, resulting in an augmentation in lips, and more teeth are shown when smiling.
  2. The corner lip lift is the second most common technique. This technique raises the sides of the top lip, and the scar is barely seen in the upper left and right lines of the lip. The youthful enlargement of the mouth is fantastic, as there is redder mucosa in the corners.
  3. Another procedure is the gullwing lip lift, where a white skin excision is done on the ‘lip liner’ area around the white upper lip. This puts the scar in a vertebral position. It is a blend of corner lip lift and central skin excision.
  4. The Italian lip lift is a moderate rise of the two para-central areas of the upper lip, which is excised by a thin ellipse of skin under each nostril. It has a limited cumulative impact but leaves a minimal scar.

You can undergo lip injections Toronto for getting smooth and big lips without surgery.