Why Do You Get Acne.

Adult Acne: Why do You Get Acne and How to Fight It Why do you get acne? 

Of course there are various make sense reasons that make people should be experiencing acne even though they are adults already. 

And so you know, acne is not only for teen. People could have it in their adulthood. Even though acne is not something that makes you please or happy, it does not mean that you have to hide yourself inside your room all day long until they disappear. It should not have to be that way though. 

The causes of adult acne As I have said earlier, there are a lot of reasons that could lead you to acne in the adulthood. It is not something uncommon but it is really annoying. 

Stress and activity of the hormones could be the main trigger. Your hormones can change levels if you hit the menopause and stopping or switching the pills of birth control. 

Those two are the main possibilities that arise inside your body. Besides, certain medications like corticosteroid, drug for anti seizure, and lithium can cause acne even though you are not teen. 

And also, you do not clean your face daily can be the most make sense reason of why people get breakout in the adult stage. 

If you are not sure about what it is and the acne is kind of severe too, you can see the doctor or dermatologist. They will prescribe you the necessary medications and take the further action for sure. 

Skin care for daily basis You should cleanse your skin every day since there are so many bacteria trapped under your skin. If they clogged your pores, you will get acne sooner or later and it could be painful both for your face and your look. 

For daily cleansing, it is highly recommended to wash your face at least twice in a day. You can use warm and cool water along with cleanser that has gentle texture. You are not allowed to scrub it hardly. When you cleanse your face, you better use your hands, washcloth for baby or the soft cleansing brush for only 30 seconds. 

After you have done with the process, you can dry out your face with towel by patting it. Remember, you are not allowed to rub your skin especially if there are acnes on it. You also should use certain product that will not harm your skin. 

If you like to use cleanser, just make sure that the cleanser is gentle. You have to stay away from cleanser product that could strip your skin. Cream and lotions will be recommended too especially the ones that contain retinoid and benzoyl peroxide. 

They both will reduce the wrinkle and fight the acne. For the other cosmetics, you can find the ones that contain salicylic acid because it helps to fight the acne. Besides, make sure that the product is water-base or noncomedogenic because it makes your acne turns worse. 

If you already know how to fight it and prevent acne, it is better to start the treatment from now. And this is the end of “why do you get acne”.

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