Why Do We Get Acne

The Main Reason Why You Get Acne Problems

Why Do We Get Acne?  

Maybe, this is the common question that lingering in every teenager mind. However, it’s not so surprising, if adult also has this kind of question, because they are also prone to acne, in certain condition. 

So, here is the answer.
There are two causes that we can tell you here, the acne causes on teenager and adult. Teenager usually got acne because of the change of their hormone. 

This condition stimulates their body, especially the skin to produce more sebum. Sebum itself is an oil-like substance that has a job to protect your skin and hair from damage as well as moisturize it. 

This substance is created by sebaceous glands or it’s also known as oil glands in your skin. The sebum is excreted through the pores. And, this is where the acne can come from. 

When the pores, that becomes a way the sebum to get out, are clogged or blocked, either by too many dead skin or dirt, the sebum will stay inside the pore. And, because the oil glands always make the sebum regularly, it will become too many that is trapped under your skin. 

This condition becomes the great condition for bacteria to grow. And, because of this bacteria, the acne start to appear. Basically, acne is the infection caused by the bacteria. So, if you ask why do you get acne? 

The answer will be because your hormone and you don’t clean your skin regularly. But, once you pass your puberty, the chance that acne came from hormone causes is quite low. Plus, if you clean your skin regularly, you won’t get any acne problem anymore.

As for adult, the causes are similar, because of hormonal change. And, there are several moment when an adult got into this kind of condition. 

One of them is when you are pregnant. You will experience greatly changes on your hormone, which can cause acne. 

More than that, the menopause also can give you the similar condition. The other cause of acne on adult is medication. Using birth control pills, either switch or stop using it, will also give you a chance to get acne. 

Other medication like lithium, corticosteroids or anti-seizure medicine also has role to the acne break out in your adulthood.  Because of this reason, you should consult with your doctor before taking any medication. 

Visiting dermatologist is also good idea. You will know what kind of medication that can cause acne that you have.
For the solution, it’s actually simple. 

As mentioned above, you need to clean your skin, especially your face that prone with acne attack, regularly. 

More than that, your clothes is also important thing to keep attention at. Make sure your clothes can let your skin breath. 

Your clothes also have to clean, so the dirt or any other substance that intact in it won’t invite more bacteria to come in your blocked pores and cause more acne. If you can do that, basically you don’t need to worry anymore about acne.

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