Why Do I Have Back Acne.

Why do I Have Back Acne? 

And how can I Prevent It? Acne can appear on the areas where the hair follicles are available.
This means you can have acne not only on your face, but also on other parts of your body, for example, on the back. 

What is back acne? Why do I have back acne? How can I prevent it? Let’s take a look what’s the answer for all these questions. What is back acne? Back acne is the acne outbreak on the back of body.

The back is one of skin areas that is prone to sweat excessively. This means the skin pores in the back are highly susceptible to be clogged by dead skin cells, dirt and oil secretions. 

All of these can cause bacteria who are living in hair follicle to grow more than normal condition. Growing bacteria will lead to inflammations on the back that become the acne. 

If back acne is not treated immediately, it can develop into cyst acne that can leave scar on the back. 

Why do I have back acne? We already mentioned above that back acne can appear if the skin pores are blocked, and get inflamed because of bacteria living in the skin pores. There are few factors why the skin pores can be blocked. 
They are:

Poor hygiene. Poor hygiene cause more dead skin cells and dirt to clog the pores. Therefore, we should wash our body thoroughly and change the clothes regularly. 

Lifestyle. High daily activities make us sweat more than usual. Wearing tight-fitting clothes or backpack can trap the sweat against the body that eventually leads to back acne. 

Hormonal. The fluctuation of hormone levels may lead to back acne. · Stress. Stress can disrupt the hormones regulation and cause hormone level fluctuating. 

Genetic. How can I prevent back acne? These prevention actions can prevent back acne before appearing, and limit its breakouts. 
*Use light clothes. Tight-fitting clothes and non-breathable clothes can block the sweat secretion, so that the sweat will be trapped inside the pores. This will cause inflammation in the skin pores. 

*Use clothes which are made from light fabrics, such as cotton, in order to allow sweat being released from the pores thoroughly. 

* Wash your body after exercising. Don’t let sweat and dirt clog the pores by washing the body immediately after exercising. If your back is prone to have back acne, wash your body with soap that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to remove the oil and dirt from the pores. 

Sulfur-containing soap is also good to prevent back acne because it contains antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria in the skin pores. 

*Avoid scented detergents. Scented detergents can cause the dry skins that would trigger the body to secrete more oils which could block the pores. Dry skins also tend to be irritated and inflamed. 

*Treat with over-the-counter remedies. Before the acne cause scar on the back, treat it with over-the-counter lotion or gel right after it appears. 

Exfoliate. Why do I have back acne? Because of dead skin cells that are trapped in the hair follicle. 

Therefore, always remember to exfoliate the skins regularly in order to get rid of dead skin cells and allow the cells renewal. Don’t scrub the skins too hard, or else it irritates the skins, and leave the scar on the back.

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