Which Birth Control Is Best For Acne

Birth Control and Acne: Which Birth Control is best for Acne? Which birth control is best for acne? 

Facts told that the birth control could trigger the hormone activity. Some of them could also treat your acne.
Acne is something that could embarrass you especially if the acne is so severe. Besides the present lack of confidence, it could also leave the scars in the future. 

If you want to apply for job in certain industries like fashion, retail, and anything that put the face at the first place, it could be hard. Dermatologists suggest to consuming the pills for birth control in order to treat the acne. And this method lasts for decades until today. 

But you should know that only the pills approved by FDA that are allowed to use in order to treat the acne. In general speaking, the consumption of birth control pills is only advised for the healthy women that need birth control pills or contraception. But your doctor or dermatologist would not suggest this method if you can treat your acne by using topical lotions and oral drugs. 

If the topical and oral medications did not work for you, then your doctor and dermatologist will suggest you to use birth control to treat the stubborn acne. Types of birth control to treat acne There are a lot of birth control pill types sold in the market especially for the last decade. 

But until today, there are only three kinds of birth control pills approved by FDA in case of treating the severe acne. Those three are including the combinations between several oral contraceptive pills. 

They consist of progesterone and estrogen. For your information, pills that contain the progesterone without estrogen will make your acne worse and more painful. The drugs approved by FDA are such as: Ortho tri-cyclen which contains norgestimate. It is the combination progestin and estrogen. 

The drugs are available in various doses. Estrostep which contains the combination of estrogen and norethindrone. The doses of estrogen are varied for this drug. YAZ is the pill that contains estrogen and drospirenone (progestin made by human). But this drug my increase the blood clots. Pros and cons of birth control for acne treatment There are also the pros and cons you should consider before deciding to use the contraceptive in treating acne. 

The pros are such as: Decreasing the flare of acne Reduce the pimples Calming down the inflammation Reducing the severe level But you better use it under the supervision of your doctor. Besides, it works best if you combine the medication. 

The cons are such as: Cardiovascular disease and hypertension Disease on the liver Headache and severe migraine Mood swing that leads to depression Birth control pill is one of the answers when it comes to treat the acne. But if you have history of serious illness, it is better to skip this treatment method. It makes your disease worse. 

No matter how you are doing, it is better to discuss with the doctor before determining which birth control is best for acne.

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