What Type Of Acne Do I Have.

Common Types of Acne You Need to Know What type of acne do I have? Perhaps this is a question which comes into your mind whenever you find any small bump in your face.

You already know that it is acne but considered to what type is it? Not all acne is the same. Each type of acne has different condition and each of them will require different treatment. Even though acne is not a dangerous health problem but if you do the wrong treatment, it will permanent scar on your skin. 

This is something that every person with acne problem wants to avoid. Hence, it is important for you to know about different types of acne. Whiteheads Whitehead is considered as non-inflammatory acne. When it appears on skin, it just looks like a small blemish on whitish top. It also refers to a condition when the comedones are located on the surface of skin. 

Its white head is formed when the follicles are trapped with sebum as well as dead skin cells under the skin surface. Sebum or natural oil actually is needed by the skin as protection and nourishment but if the production is too excessive then it can be one of the factors to cause acne. Whiteheads can be treated using common over-the-counter medications. 

Blackheads Another type of non-inflammatory acne is blackhead and it is also categorized as comedones. It is quite easy to be differentiated with other acne since it appears in small blemish with black dots on it. When the whiteheads are closed comedones, blackheads are opens as its black look is the result of debris inside the follicle get oxidized. Blackheads are also filled with excessive oil and dead skin cells.

This condition also can be resulted from external factors such as cosmetics and moisturizers. Most of the similar over-the-counter medications for whiteheads also work effectively on blackheads. Papules What type of acne do I have when a get small and cony bump with pinkish colour? This is actually what called as papules. 

It is type of ace which resulted of inflammation due to the presence bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells which trapped under the skin cells. Papules might appear in small into medium size. As inflammation and irritation are symptoms of this acne, you need to avoid picking or popping. You should not apply anything o the papules since it sometimes makes the acne even worse. 

Use certain type of medication for inflammatory acne so that it is not only helping to subside it but also soothe and calm the affected area. Nodules and Cyst Both nodules and cyst are quite similar types of acne since they include severe inflammation. 

Nodules refer into inflamed and large lesion located inside the deep of the skin. Hence, those who get this type of acne will be painful when the affected area is touched. Meanwhile, cyst is small lesion containing pus which trapped deep inside the skin. Either nodule or cyst might happen individually or combined together to form nodularcystic acne. 

Both of them occur when papules and pustules damage and causing inflammation on their surrounding area and influence other follicles. Those are considered to be the type which can leave permanent mark so that you need to know previously on what type of acne do I have.

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