What To Do About Hormonal Acne

5 Actions What to Do About Hormonal Acne

What to do about hormonal acne become important for people get rid of acne. But, you need to do hard efforts because some factors are included like contraception pills, stress, puberty, and pregnancy. It depends on the stability of person. To handle this acne, you may apply some following actions.

http://fileme.us/file/06H58oEveryone has acne influenced by different factors. One of the factors is hormone. Hormonal acne usually appears when hormonal level is imbalance from your body. Imbalance hormone causes secretion on oil gland and skin fat.  

Preventing Junk Food

Junk food contains high salt that is better to prevent for hormonal acne. The study shows that junk food has a close relationship with acne. In addition, soda drinks and high sugar and sodium foods are causing the growth of acne on your face. 

The production of insulin in the body is caused by the foods and rinks so that the body metabolism is increasing. Junk food is unhealthy food containing the big number of fats, salt, sugar, and addictive substances. 

The best way to avoid hormonal acne is preventing the junk food. It is better to consume fruits and vegetables having natural sugar.

Using Green Tea

Green tea contains high antioxidant that is effective to decrease acne, skin irritation, and wrinkled skin. Green tea is able to consume 3 – 4 glasses per a day. In addition to be drunk, green tea is possibly used as the face mask for acne face treatment. 

You can gain double benefits from green tea, face mask, and drink for acne. By doing those steps, you can restrain the attack of hormonal acne.

Consuming Prebiotic and Supplement

What to do about hormonal acne is consuming prebiotic and supplement. Prebiotic contains good bacteria helping your body to absorb nutrition so that it is beneficial to increase body immune system. Prebiotic is beneficial to balance bacteria in the body and it is able to control sebum production causing acne. 

This consumption can be accompanied by consuming supplement like chlorophyll, zinc, fish oil, and spirulina to enhance the alternation of dead skin cells and prevent acne appearance on the skin.

Applying Healthy Habit  

Being accustomed to drinking mineral water is helping to remove toxic and useless substances from the body. It is helpful to balance body metabolism and keep skin moisture so that your skin will be shining and bright. You need to give sufficient time for sleeping to minimize the risks of hormonal acne. 

Make sure that you’ll sleep 8 hours per a day because your skin will regenerate at night. The energy is balancing hormone in the body. Don’t stay up more often because it’s making your body weak and tired.

Maintaining Cleanliness
If you have conducted those above steps what to do about hormonal acne, you can do the final step. You should keep cleanliness of your face. 

You need to clean your face regularly before sleeping and after doing some outdoor activities. Dirty skin is potentially causing your hormonal acne growing rapidly. So, be clean and clear as the real action of hormonal acne prevention.

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