What To Do About Hormonal Acne

What To Do About Hormonal Acne? Many people always ask what to do about hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is completely normal because the main cause of acne is indeed hormones. 

Hormones have major roles in the formation of acne. That is why acne often happen to teenagers because their hormones are growing at the time. Beside of that, acne also happens to pregnant women whose hormones change a lot during pregnancy. Acne also happens when we are stressed or depressed because the hormones in the body change as well. 

That is why we cannot do much about hormonal acne. It is all natural and inside our body. However, we can help prevent the acne by balancing the hormones. It can be done by food as well. Below, you will see the solution of what to do about hormonal acne by consuming food. 

Avoid Foods with Saturated Fat Saturated fat is also called Trans fat or simply “bad fat”. Indeed, this kind of fat is not great for our body because it can add excess fat and cause diabetes and weight gaining. Saturated fat is also going to trigger excess production of androstenedione (precursor to testosterone) and testosterone. If these hormones are too much inside our body, there will be hormonal imbalance that can cause acne. 

Saturated fat often found in junk food and deep-fried food. To avoid hormonal acne from getting worse, avoid consuming food with trans fat. Consume Foods with Fiber If your diet is considered high fiber diet, you will less likely to produce excess blood testosterone, DHT hormones, and also and DHEA hormones. If all hormones in your body is sufficient, you will less likely as well to get hormonal acne. 

That is why you need to consume foods with high fiber including eating lots of fruits and vegetables because naturally they are high in fiber. Limit Dairy Consumption DHT hormone is one of the hormones to trigger oil production in the oil glands. Too much oil under the skin will not be good for your because the oil can clog the pores, thus causing acne. 

DHT hormones often found in cow and its milk. That is why if you drink too much milk or consume too much dairy product, you will more likely to experience hormonal acne. Say for example, people often say that consuming too much chocolate will cause you acne. Well, it is because chocolate has lots of milk it in. 

So, it is all making sense. Eat Foods with Alkaline Foods with alkaline have the ability to neutralize too many acids in the body. If the body has too much acids, it will trigger the stress hormones and thus causing acne. Foods with alkaline are basically fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. 

These foods can be used as the replacement of meat, processed foods, and sugar, which are packed with acids. By replacing the acids food with the alkaline foods, the hormones in the body will be balanced and you will less likely to deal with hormonal acne and face with the confusion of what to do about hormonal acne.

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