What Not To Do With Acne

Be Careful, These Habits Might Make Acne Worse!! 

What not to do with acne is something which often ignored by people.
The majority of people with acne problem commonly too focus in finding the right treatments but on the same time they are forget on the bad habits the rarely realized which can make their acne even worse.

People usually do not know that small action which they give to the acne is a mistake that should not be done. Hence, it is important for you to know what types of treatment which sound familiar but it can make the acne worse.

Too much skin wash Regular washing skin is essential to do since it helps to clean your skin face from any dirt which can cause some problems on it. 

Besides, washing the skin will help to make it keep moisturized. Unfortunately, people is often misinterpreted this as the solution of acne as if they wash their skin more, the acne will get better. In fact, the fact tells differently since too much washing face in a day can result on serious dry skin.

When the skin is dry, the oil glands on the skin will make excessive oil production to cover it. It means that instead of making your skin cleaner, you trigger more oil to be produced and it can clog the pores which forming more acne.

Rather than washing with facial wash which might be sensitive to the acne, you had better to use water which is not too hot or in lukewarm temperature since it is usually more effective to treat inflammation in acne. 

Popping it out It is quite common for every people when they get acne they will be interested to pop it out so that it can remove faster from the skin. This is such a wrong conception.

Smashing or popping the acne is considered as something what not to do with acne. Instead of becoming the quickest way to get rid of acne, it turns to be the faster way to spread the bacteria and result on severe scar on skin which is difficult to vanish. The best way to treat the acne is keep your hands away from it.

If the acne is truly in severe condition and you need to pot out, you need to leave it to the right hand such as dermatologist who will use sterile needle or pierce. This medical treatment will easily drain inside the acne without need to leave scar in the process.

Steaming the face before popping also might help the process because it will open the pore and make it easier to remove the contents. 

Excessive exfoliating Exfoliating is another method which helps to clean the skin from any dirt. However, excessive exfoliating also will cause similar effects with too much washing, and it might even worse.

If you do not use the physical exfoliators carefully, you can smash the whiteheads. Sometimes people also use the exfoliators too aggressively so that they cause irritation especially on sensitive skin. 

If such a condition happens, the healing of the acne will be longer. Due to the bad effect of over-exfoliating, you have to know that this activity is what not to do with acne.

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