Sleep And Acne.

Sleep and Acne: How does Sleep Deprivation Lead to Acne? Sleep and acne are connected. 

I mean, when you have poor quality of sleep then you are more likely to have issues on several things and one of them is acne. 

Sleep is one of the essential things needed by your body, just like air and food do. Sleep is not an option either. Even the lack of sleep could lead to serious problem and the worst is death. 

When starvation could lead to death because your body need food intake, you can also die because you need sleep but you ignore it. 

You should think that sleep is the way you maintain your body. It works really well in calming down as well as resting your body and also your mind. When you do not have enough time for good quality of sleep then both your body and mind could experience their breakdown moment. 

It is never a good thing when you get out of bed without enough energy and tired all day long. Rather than thinking about how much time you should spend for sleeping, it is better to know that you have good quality of sleep. Some people could get great energy in the morning after sleeping 4 hours at night

In the other side, there are also some people that sleep for 10 hours but they feel tired all day long. Sleep deprivation and acne For your information, your skin secretes more sebum when you lack of sleep. This is the explanation. When a person has poor quality of sleep, it could lead to higher level of stress. 

And when your stress level is getting higher, a substance in your body called cortisol is also getting higher too. This substance promotes to produce more sebum than in a person that has good sleep. 

When a person gets poor sleep quality, your body will also be resistance of insulin. And this condition could contribute to the acne-prone on your skin based on one of medical articles. 

Let me give you clearer perspective. When your body resists insulin, the glucose in your body is increasing. And high blood sugar level is just one of the reasons why people get unexpected acne. 

If you do not want to fix your sleep pattern then I will suggest you to fix your diet and be in the healthiest lifestyle the human has ever had. Sleep is crucial. 

You should get enough sleep but not too much either. Consequences lack of sleep for your life There will be huge consequences if you do not take enough sleep.

The most common is you will find yourself cannot focus on listening and concentrating. Your immune system is also decreasing. This is why you will get new pimples just because you do not have enough sleep in your life. 

It also increases the possibility of a person to eat unhealthy and eating too much. Unhealthy and greasy foods are bad for your health and your acne. So, I think now you understand the relation of sleep and acne.

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