Makeup That Doesn’t Cause Acne

Healthy make up for healthy skin

Do you like apply some kinds of make up for your daily life? Are you one of them who like to buy make up that doesn’t cause acne? Do you feel embarrassed if there is a small red lump on your face? 

Well, we are going to discuss about acne. Acne is something that might disturb your view, broke your beauty and reduce your confidence. Then, I think most of you like to spend a lot of money for buying products that are good for your skin. Not only a woman, but some men also like to buy an expensive product used for washing their face. However, you have to really understand the type of your skin, so you can choose the suitable make up.

Recognize type of your skin

I am not really sure if you know well about your skin types. This condition can give a bad effect to your face, like an acne that appears on your face. It is very important to understand types of your skin, so you can choose products that are good for your skin. 

First, dry skin is the type that will be a trouble, for the owner. It looks not fresh and wrinkled. It happens because lack of liquid / water that is very important to make your skin healthy and young. 

Second, oily skin is the opposite with the dry skin. The oily skin is type of skin that produce a lot of oil gland. This skin cannot control the amount of oil produced. It looks like wet and sticky. And, this type of skin is prone to get acne. Then, the other one is the best type, it is normal skin. 

Many people adore to have this type of skin. It has the normal portion of oil, not more and not less. Usually, people with the normal skin have no difficulties in finding kinds of make up products. Most of products are well matched with this type of skin.

Choose the best way of make up

After understanding about the types of your skin, you can choose the appropriate make up that will not cause acne. It is better to use the products which contain natural than chemical materials. If you want to keep your face clean, you have to examine its material which is good to your sensitive skin.

Then, it is better to use make up naturally or just simple make up for daily. It is better to put only powder or moisturizer and don’t apply too much foundation that might cover your pores. 

And, you have less oxygen on your face when applying too much make up. After that, when you put on make up, it is a must to use make up removal for cleaning your face.

Do you want to put make up with less risk of acne? You can wash or splash water before putting on make up on your face. It will make your face looks fresh and keep your face from acne. 

Finally, choose the natural materials products, do simply make up and clean your face is the best way of make up that don’t cause acne.

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