How To Make A Face Mask For Acne

How to Make a Face Mask for Acne Properly

Acne is a small thing but it is very disturbing. It gives you pain and sometimes makes you headache.
It is also decreasing self confidence because it appears on your face. 

Acne is appearing some other acne if it is not handled properly. As a consequence, some acnes and acne scars can make your face rough, not gentle, and blackhead appearance. 

You may apply face mask for acne to rid of acnes. How to make a face mask for acne needs to know. The skincare of acne face shouldn’t be random. You need to recognize your skin.

Causes of Acne

Acne appearing on your skin is caused by some factors. The factors are related each other. Here are some causes of acne.

The Production of Too Much Oil

Acne is not forever appearing because you don’t keep the face cleanliness but it is able to be influenced by internal factors. 

The acne is caused by abnormal skin condition causing disturbances of excessive oil gland production so that it causes the appearance of blockage in pores follicles and hair in the skin. The general factors are the accumulation of oil, hormone, and bacteria on the skin.


Bacteria are one of the serious acne causes. The bacteria are called as p acne usually growing on the skin and tend to develop continuously. It makes skin irritation. The irritated gland can be broken when a swelling process causes an irritation on the skin. 

It occurs to pain on the skin. This is one of the acne’s causes. Dead skin cells, hormonal factors, and cleanliness factors become the other causing factors of acne.

How to Choose a Face Mask for Acne

Before you reveal the steps on how to make a face mask for acne, it is better to know the criteria of the best face mask for acne skin. 

Acne prone skin is usually easily irritated. For handling that condition, it requires a face mask having inflammatory effects like salicylic acid helping exfoliation and cleansing pores. 

The formula of benzoyl peroxide and sulfur is great to kill bacteria. Focus more on the face mask on the acne prone skin like T area. It is highly recommended to select natural face mask for acne.

How to Make a Face Mask for Acne

Your skin is the most important part from you. It’s not surprisingly that you get panic with this skin problem. To rid of acne, you can trust natural face mask. 

There are some kinds of face mask to remove acne from your skin. You may make apple and honey. You only need to prepare one apple grated it and two spoonsful of honey. 

Then, mix both ingredients. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with warm water. It’s able to maintain skin PH.
Mask of honey and lemon is effective to rid of acne. Honey is reliable to maintain face and skin beauty. Honey has anti bacteria features being a perfect medicine to remove acne. Pour some drops of lemon water into honey. 

it on your face for 15 minutes. The last face mask formula is honey and cinnamon. This is magical face mask for acne to protect skin from some kinds of acnes. 

The combination of those ingredients is effective to fight for the attack of acnes. Just mix both ingredients into a bowl to make a face mask. Those are some ways on how to make a face mask for acne.

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