Good Birth Control For Acne

Which One Is Good Birth Control Pill for Acne Problem?

Acne is common skin problem that happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter, whether you are teenager or adult,
you still have risk to get this problem. 

The reason is the cause of acne problem. Acne problem can happen because of hormone changes. The hormone changes and blocked pores will give you a nice condition for bacteria to live, which will lead to acne problem.
However, there is one method that many doctors used to deal with this condition. 

They use birth control product. Birth control product contains some of hormone substance that can help your body to normalize its hormone level, particularly the androgens hormone. 

Androgens are the one that responsible in acne problem occurrence. So, by controlling this hormone level, basically, your acne problem is solved. 

Now the big question is which one? There are many different birth control products that you can find out there. Of course, if you want to get best result, you can only use Good Birth Control For Acne. Therefore, here is some of information about those good birth control pills.

Actually, there are only three types of birth control product that has been approved by FDA. They are the birth control product, that is not only safe to consume, but they also has the real effect to deal with your acne problem. Those three types of birth control pills are:

  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen
This birth control pill use combination between estrogen and norgestimate. Norgestimate itself is a progestin, which is like synthetic progesterone. 

You also can find different level of progestin in this pill. But, you can see here that the key to control androgens production is the combination of estrogen and progesterone. And, this pill uses that to deal with acne problem.

  • Estrostep
It’s the same with Ortho Tri-Cyclen that use combination between estrogen and progesterone. However, the different is the synthetic progesterone that it used. It’s called norethindrone. There is also different level of estrogen you can find in this pill.

  • YAZ
You may familiar with Yasmin brand, one of popular birth control pill. This brand is one of the YAZ type. It used similar formula like the first two pills. This pill use combination between estrogen and synthetic progestin, which is drospirenone. 

However, although this pill has been approved by FDA as the pill to control birth and acne problem, you still need to be careful with the pill that contain drospirenone. 

This substance can cause blood clots that can lead to severe health problem, like stroke or heart problem. Therefore, doctor recommendation is needed when you want to take this pill.

If you look at those three pills, all of them are using combination of estrogen and progesterone. Actually, this combination is the only combination that can be used to deal with acne problem. 

Therefore, if you want to find good birth control pill for acne problem, find product that has this combination. In fact, if you use birth control pill that only contain of progesterone, it can make your acne getting worse.

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