Can You Get Acne From Stress

Things about Stress and Acne

Can You Get Acne From Stress? 
Admit it that this question often pops up in your mind; whenever you find that there is a pimple on your face. 

As we all know, stress level of today’s people are higher, if we compare it with decades ago. With the competition that is getting tight, everyone needs to use all their ability to be able to survive and success in their life. 

This kind of lifestyle will lead to the stressful condition. And, because of this condition, acne problem can occur. But, the most important question here is that really true?

Actually, we can’t say that stress isn’t the cause of acne problem completely. It can cause the problem, indirectly. When you are in stressful condition, we also can say that that condition is when your body has been used too much. 

In simplest way, your body has reached its overdrive status. With this condition, your body system wouldn’t be able to run its system normally, including the hormone production. 

That make one of particular hormone will be produced excessively. The hormone that we are talking about here is androgens.

The androgens are the hormone that stimulates your oil glands under your skin, to produce sebum, which is oil that can protect your skin. The oil that produced by these glands will came out through your pores. 

And the acne problem can occurs when your pores is blocked. It can happen because you haven’t clean your skin, so dirt will blocked the pores. And androgens hormone that produced more than it should be, will keep pushing this glands to produce more oil. 

With too much oil and blocked pores, the oil will clog inside your pores. This condition will produce bump on the skin around that pores. 

This is what we usually called pimples.
More than that, the clogged sebum and blocked pores also will become great place for bacteria to live. 

This will make your condition become even worst. You may familiar with whiteheads or blackheads, don’t you? That is the work of bacteria that live inside your pores. 

When you too lazy to clean your skin, the bacteria will be able to live longer. Your skin and body won’t be able to fight against them. In the end, the bacteria will cause some inflammation or rush that you usually can find on the severe acne problem. 

The worst of all, this condition can spread to the other area of skin around the infected area. To solve the problem is actually easy. 

You just need to live healthier. Clean your skin regularly, every night before you sleep or after you are doing your activates. 

And, manage your stress, so your body won’t be overdriven like before. Plus, if you also have routine exercise, it will train your body to be able to deal with hard condition because of your activities. This will help your body to normalize the hormone production. 

So, according to that explanation, we can say stress can cause acne problem, but it’s not the main cause.

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