Can Hypothyroidism Cause Acne

Can Hypothyroidism Cause Acne? How does It Affect You? Can hypothyroidism cause acne? 

Well, we are going to find out about that through this article.
Even if the fact does not show up in your blood test, the fact says that one of the breakout reasons is the activity of your thyroid. Some people just do not notice on that one. 

When it comes to hormonal activity, people will refer it to the estrogen and progesterone. Those two are messing around when it is near your menstrual cycle. So it is no wonder if many people would blame progesterone and estrogen for the main factor of breakouts on their face. 

If any topical remedies you try on your face do not give any result then you probably are focusing on the wrong types of hormone. What is the role of thyroid? Do you know what thyroid does to your body and where is it? This hormone is located in your neck and it is also the part of system for endocrine. Endocrine system is the glands with complex arrangement that is in charge of producing the secrete hormones, control and regulate the metabolism system as well as processing another thing in human’s body. 

When we talked about metabolism, we mean that the foods are burned for the production of energy. You will not in the health condition if that thyroid does not work as it should. When the thyroid level in your body is low then you probably will have issues with acne breakouts or at least that is the main cause of acne problem. 

The relation between thyroid and acne There is a clear relation between acne and the low level of thyroid. But do not worry because I can be cured for sure. You should know that vitamin A with good work of thyroid will be good weapon for acne. When your thyroid in the body is reaching the low level, your body will not be able to convert the cholesterol to the certain kind of steroid, DHEA, and progesterone.

In this case, you will need progesterone and pure vitamin A to fight the acne. And people just do not know how much the level of their thyroid is. But do not worry because there are a several ways you can do to take a look on your thyroid level especially if you have acne right now. 

You can start by checking the temperature of your body as the first thing in the morning. If you have low body temperature you probably have hypothyroidism. If you are on menstrual cycle, you should check it for the first three days. 

If you wake up with 36.6 C or less then you are positive. Slow pulse rate will also be the next indication you should be aware of. Combining the pulse rate and the body temperature will give you clearer result. 

Healthy and smart people will have 85 per minute for their average pulse rate. So, your question was already answered and I think this is the end of “Can hypothyroidism cause acne?

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