Can Birth Control Help With Acne.

Can Birth Control Help with Acne? Can birth control help with acne? 

The answer is yes. For many women, acne is a disaster because it simply prevents them from having flawless skin.
Women with acne, especially the severe cases of acne, will also have difficulty to socialize and having self-esteem. 

That is why acne needs to be treated well so that it goes away. One of the most unique methods to treat acne is by using birth control pills. Yes, birth control pills have been used for years to treat acne and they work well. 

If you want to know more about this so that you will no longer wondering “can birth control help with acne?”, below is the information for you. 

How Does Birth Control Treat Acne? We all know that acne has strong relationship with hormones. That is why teenagers with raging hormones will always have acne on their faces. 

Teenage girls during their menstrual cycle will also experience acne. This is the evident that acne and hormones are always related. Acne is caused by excess oil under the skin or what so called sebum. 

The production of sebum excessively can clog the facial pores and eventually form the acne. One of the hormones in the body to promote the production of sebum is called androgens. Androgens are produced by the ovaries of women and adrenal glands. 

The number of androgens produced is usually low but sometimes can be high as well depending on the balance of other hormones. Birth control pills have the function to limit the production of the androgens hormone in the body. 

Essentially, it works well with the acne prevention because the higher androgens produced by the body, the more sebum is produced as well. With the androgens prevented by the birth control pills, sebum will not get produced excessively and trigger acne. 

Tips in Taking Birth Control to Treat Acne Birth control pills have the main function to prevent pregnancy, not to help you remove acne. That is why the side effect of consuming this kind of birth control is not something that you should take for granted. 

If you plan to have children, for example, then you cannot consume the pills for the sake of treating your acne. It will prevent the pregnancy from happening. 

That is why the first suggestion here when you want to use birth control pills as the method to treat your acne is by consulting with your doctor first. 

Make sure that it is safe and secure for your body to use the pills as acne treatment. Doctors will know what to do about the pills.

The second suggestion is to consume the birth control pills approved by the FDA only. Birth control pills are easily found anywhere but not all of them are safe and approved by the FDA. That is why choosing only the safe and FDA-approved one is necessary. 

Indeed, the question of “Can birth control help with acne?” has the answer of “yes” but it does not mean all birth control pills are safe for this method.

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