Acne At 50.

What Causes Acne at 50 and Above? 

Acne at 50 and above is not something peculiar at all. Acne does not only happen to teenagers.
Those who have reached the age of 50 and even above can also get acne on their faces.

Acne, at any age, is not something pleasant to have at all. The red bumps on the face are simply itchy and sometimes painful. That is why acne is quite hated by everyone. If you are now in your 50s and still have problems with acne, you may want to know what actually happens. 

Below, you will read some causes of acne at 50 and above or what so called “adult acne”. Stress For people at the age of 50 and above, stress is probably something that they have to encounter every day. 

The pressure from works and family can cause great deal of hormonal change. Stress triggers the excessive production of adrenal androgens and also cortisol levels in the body. 

The result of the excess hormones is the formation of acne on the face. That is why you need to relax and release your body from stress in order to prevent the acne. Medicines and Drugs At the age of 50 and above, many people will have to consume tons of medicines already. 

For women in their menopausal time, they sometimes consume testosterone injections in order to increase their libido. People with bipolar disorder consume Lithium to be free from the disease. 

Also, people with cancer get treated by chemotherapy. Those medications above can all trigger the body to produce acne. That is why you need to be careful before consuming any medicines or drugs, especially in your 50s. 

Eating Unhealthily Surely eating too much food with saturated fat is going to trigger the production of excess oil and then form acne. 

matter how old you are, if you consume unhealthy foods with too much saturated fat in it, you will more likely to have acne on your face. That is why you need to change your diet and convert it into the healthier one. Cosmetics Many women, even at their 50s, still use makeup.

Cosmetic products sold today often have greasy and oily texture to clog the facial pores and then form acne. Indeed, it is important to use moisturizer or sunscreen but you really need to choose the light one so that it will not clog the pores and form acne instead. 

Now that you know the causes between the red bumps on your face, even at your 50s, you can try to alter your lifestyle and makes it healthier. 

You can also reduce using cosmetics or use only the safe one. With your skin free from acne, you will look flawless once again. Remember that acne is totally curable and preventable. 

So, if you do not want to deal with acne anymore, you need to prevent the acne from invading your face. That way, the case of acne at 50 and above will not happen to you anymore.

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